David J Bromley

Comic artist and painter David James Bromley has taught the history of sequential and single panel comic art forms at the University level; currently, he writes on the subject of cartoon art and animation for his column on examiner.com.

With fine artist Jim Hall, Bromley co-created 'Art in Shambles', long a favorite Richmond comic strip, now highlighted again with current collaborator,
VCU art instructor Phillip Bowles. Other cartoonists with whom he has collaborated are printmaker Chris McDaniel and UVA commercial artist Chris Cullinan.

Not content for cartoons merely to exist in print and online, he continues to seek fine art venues to exhibit his work and the cartoon drawings upon which he collaborates; Bromley firmly believes in the legitimacy of the comic art form and advances that philosophy as both practitioner and commentator.

A member of the Richmond Branch of AIGA, the professional association for design, David recognizes the crucial role that design plays in making successful cartooning an art form.


cartoon from ART IN SHAMBLES at 9WG Studios, Richmond VA

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